About us

Poultry Consult was founded by Roland Bronneberg and Wouter Steenhuisen with the aim to connect you and your poultry related questions or problems to the right poultry specialist. Therefore, we set up a platform of international poultry specialists, either with a veterinary or more technical background, that have been selected on their specific knowledge acquired over the years. Our expertise includes a wide-variety of poultry types, bird species and topics. Depending on the nature and size of your question or problem, we can provide our services either online (Quick Question, Video Chat, Follow-up) or, if requested, even On-location. For example, whether you have a short question as a private owner of backyard chickens in Italy, or you are facing an emerging problem as a veterinarian on one of your organic layer farms in California and want to request a second opinion through video-chat, or you would like to hire our on-site expertise within your broiler integration in Nigeria, we can provide the right service and connect you to the right specialist with right expertise, even within 24 hours, if necessary.